Thursday, January 15, 2009


What's up bloggers? So it has been forever. I am working full-time now and haven't really had time to even think about a blog. I bought a website which isn't developed but it just made me remember that I had a blog! So I've been working for the state in corrections (i know sounds crazy, and it is) but it's a really fun job and changes everyday. I love my co-workers and wish I could have them with me in any job I have. So you're wondering about golf---I haven't played since October--yep you read right. I am dying not playing and have had some serious wake up calls in the last few months about how much I love the game and wish I was out there. Hopefully that will be changing in the near future. Well not much to say...I was in a car accident the other day but no one was hurt but we will be without our car for 2 weeks--which is outrageous..i can't believe it would take that long, but who knows. I'll try to blog more..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

While Rachel is out!

I thought I would put up a little post while Rachel is in Texas (I'll tell you why she is there in a minute). She never brags about herself, so I will for her!

She is the UVU Women's Assistant Coach, and she is doing it as a volunteer! I don't think many people know about that yet, but isn't that cool! She's acting as the Head Coach in Texas right now for the team because the real Head Coach can't be there. I think that is the coolest thing in the world! She can't play 100% right now for herself, so she's giving her extra time and talent to the girls at UVU. She's going to do great things for the program in it's beginning years!

I just thought I would say that she's pretty much the best thing to hit the planet since the PB&J! Sometimes I can't believe she loves me as much as I love her!

That's all...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not sure who still reads this!

So we haven't posted in almost 2 months. We came back to Utah for the rest of the year and life got extremely busy with new babies, camping, trying to find jobs (still a process) and just figuring things out. Rachel has been working at the golf course again and teaches some lessons on the side, Curtis is currently in a temp position for the state and hopefully making something permanant with them. We are moving in October to West Valley into Rachel's families townhome. Its huge, so we'll have plenty of room to spread out for a few years. The only deal with it though is we get cheaper rent if we fix the place up cause the tenants they've had for the past 10 years have completely destroyed the place. So it'll be a challenge but an exciting one. We miss being on the road and playing golf out there but we're just taking this time in our marriage to figure things out and make a solid plan for the future. Hope everyone is doing well. We'll try to post more. Rachel is going to England in September with her mother so I'm sure there will be pictures on here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

For Stephanie!

So we've seen a few interesting things as we've traveled the past 3 weeks. We've been to Decatur, Illinois (about mid state)--Franklin, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati)--and now we are currently in Hammond, Indiana (just east of Chicago so up north) So we thought we'd post a few pictures of what we've seen and how we got to see it. The first picture below is of Ground up Kangaroo....sounds horrible and I happen to think they are really cute animals. Well we went to a world famous market called Jungle Jims (no kid rides at this one) but it was huge. Its foods from all over the world. So we walked around for maybe a couple hours and took it all in. The only thing we ended up buying was Salt Water taffy (you guessed it, from Utah) and some english candy for my friend Hailey. But it was neat to see the different things people will eat. This picture was taken at a flea market we went to in search of belt buckles for Rachel. This baby birds with their mama decided it was the perfect place to camp out. Super cute and loud little guys.
Our favorite picture yet. This one is of what locals call "Touch Down Jesus". He is right off the main freeway and we passed him daily. Its for some born again Christian church, and I think they were trying to depict him being born again, but to us and many others it looks like his saying "It's good!"
This is where we are currently. Lost Marsh Golf Course. Pretty layout for a place that not long ago was a landfill. It sits in the middle of BP oils refineries. No joke. If the camera was turned around you'd see the whole BP factory. But none-the-less its a great course.
We had some great things happen yesterday. We started our day at 7 at the golf course and played for awhile then Rachel who had previously qualified to play in a Par 3 challenge, teed it up to play a 9 hole Par 3 for a little bit of money. She played steady golf and shot even which put her at tied for 2nd, so she should take home 700 or so from that, so well worth the time. Then we decided it was lunch time and went to the Casino that was sponsoring the tournament. They had a buffet and we were hungry. Before going in Rachel was chatting with one of the chefs for the buffet that was standing outside, after chatting for a minute about golf he offered to buy us our lunch, so a free buffet for 3 people. We made sure we tipped our waitress good. Rachel then spoke to her Dad to inform him of her success and all of the sudden she's talking to Derrek Parr (Olympic Gold and Silver medalist in speed skating) and he's wishing her good luck for her tournament and gave her some tips about believing in herself. Her dad was at a luncheon with him and asked him to speak to her. It was really cool. So yesterday was great, and now we're going to carry that through to a great weekend. We hope everyone is doing great and we'll be back in Utah to visit Monday night through Sunday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some pics lately

(Above) Our nephew Drew on the golf course with us in Sandy. He's the next Tiger!
Curtis with our neice Ashlee having a little nap.
Curtis and I in Denver, Colorado. freezing cold but a lot of fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry for the delay-

So we've been busy getting back on the road. We are currently in Mason, Ohio this week. Last week we were in Decatur, Illinois. We missed the cut last weekend, but Rachel is doing great things with her mental game and swing, so everything feels better than before. We had fun at home during the month of May and miss the family, but there is nothin like the open road and playing golf. We recently had a new addition to our family with our Nephew Aiden James Postma arriving a few weeks ago. So we are excited to welcome him into the family and get to know him better when we visit home. We had the great pleasure of taking care of our neice Ashley for a few weeks while we were home and loved every minute of that. She is adoreable and wish we could make her ours. Someday we hope our children are as cute. So we'll hopefully do a better job at keeping you updated this summer. Keep us in your thoughts.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just practicing

We've been home about a week now. Rachel is busy practicing each day and figuring out some kinks in her swing. We'll be working with a good friend of Rachel's, Dave DeSantis on her swing this week. He was her assistant coach when she played for BYU. Not really working like we planned, practicing is way more important to both of us cause we're trying to make this golf thing work. Rachel teaches a few lessons but it helps her with her own swing getting back to basics. We're on baby duty for our nephew Drew for a few days and nights while Steph and Mike are in North Carolina picking up their new baby son!!! So we were more than happy to help them while they are away. We'll post pics of our new little guy when he arrives home in Utah. Thanks for all of those playing this Saturday in our tournament. We're excited to have this event and learn about hosting a tournament so we can make it bigger and better each year. Congrats to our friend Leah as well. She is #2 on the Futures Tour money list, and she's playing great. We are both really proud of you..but watch we come Leah! And we'd like to thank our great friend Alexis publicly...thanks for the donation for our tournament. We're sorry you couldn't be here to play. Can't wait to see ya this summer. New post coming soon with baby pictures!